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Nigerian Email Scam Fun!

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Nigerian Email Scam Fun!

Post by Cycotic Adversary on Fri May 15, 2009 3:13 am

Everyone has had the email from a Nigerian prince, offering to use your account for $100,000,000 and lettin gyou keep a piece of it. We all know it's spam and delete it straight away right?

Not everyone! There are a number of people who start up pretending to fall for the trick, and in the meantime get the scammers to send them pictures of them doing stupid things, or holding up stupid signs.

Note: Some of the signs do have rude language, so any kiddies shouldn't click on the link without permission from mummy! Laughing

Some funny ones to give you the idea:

Edit: it seems the 419eater domain has some "excessive bandwidth" issues. The pictures will work soon enough though.

And a couple for Jo:

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